Diligent Group invites and welcome experts from any field fits to the business and the young scholars who is thriving to learn and participate in the challenge. We share a common platform for all where [we never think who you are, but what you deliver to the world].

As our project portfolio expands, we want to continue to work with the brightest, best and most experienced people. We are constantly on the lookout for associate consultants who have the skills and know-how to add to our growing pool of talent. We always consider our family of consultants as our most important resource in building a cadre of project managers to support our teams. You may find the office address or write to us: career@diligentbd.com.

What we value

DG is looking for bright, critical thinkers with outstanding educations, hands on experience, great analytical and communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. We look particularly for consultants who can combine their technical expertise with sensitivity, empathy and diplomacy with calm, politically savvy and pragmatic approach. Our work is important and our team often engages in issues of significant geo-political interest.
If you are a team player who enjoys taking responsibility, a leader who has empathy and can adapt to different project requirements, and share our core values, then we would like to talk to you.

Experienced Hires

Along with recent graduates, we also welcome applications from working professionals who feel ready for a change, who want to use industry-specific knowledge in the consulting field, or who already work for another consulting firm.
We hire professionals with a variety of different backgrounds, from MBA, Chartered Accountant, Engineers, Company Lawyer, Environment Expert, Industrial technicians, Polytechnic students to seasoned experts. With the right experience and personality, they will find a position that makes them thrive and help us grow. We offer interesting positions that are challenging and rewarding, in administrative assistance, graphics, information technology, research, human resources, events and public relations. Experts may find the office address or write to us: career@diligentbd.com.

Interns Opportunity

If you are still pursuing your degree but are interested in a consulting career, an internship with us may be the right option for you. We are always looking for talented students whose studies are nearly complete and who have strong analytical, quantitative, communication and leadership skills. Ideally, our interns should also have some experience from previous work or internships, a demonstrated interest in consulting, and have already spent some time abroad. Interns may find the office address or write to us: career@diligentbd.com.